poetry across cultures

Poetry Across Cultures (PAC)
Founder:Dr Rita  Malhotra
Poetry Across Cultures is  a non-profit Organisation of Poets and Prose-Writers which  promotes  global appreciation of poetry and mutual bonding through this literary art form. This  body also aims to diminish the dichotomy between the east and the west through an exchange of different poetic voices with similar expressions and is a step towards using poetry  FOR GLOBAL APPRECIATION AND BONDING as also to expose Indian poets, poetry-lovers, student members of the organisation and  the student community in general to the poetry of other cultures.In collaboration with  EXPRESSIONS” the Creative Writing Society of KNC, University of Delhi of which Dr MALHOTRA HAPPENS TO BE THE CONVENOR "POETRY ACROSS CULTURES" has been organizing  literary meets that are a showcase of convergence of thoughts in Indian poetry and the poetry of other lands.to mention a few Indian/Finnish Poetry(16th may,2007) in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland, Delhi at the Embassy Premises to express convergence of thoughts in the verse of poets from the two cultures, Indian/Romanian Poetry on 14th March 2008 at KNC, University of Delhi, Indian/American Poetry on 27th March 2008 at The American Centre, Delhi ,  Indian/ Serbian Poetry on 14 october 2008 at The Serbian Embassy, Delhi  and a  programme on Indian/Portugese Poetry  on the 3rd of November 2009 at The Portugese Embassy in Delhi.On the invitation of FIRC,the French cultural Centre,Embassy of France, Dr Malhotra co-ordinated a programme with readings by visiting French poet Andre Velter and Indian poets (8th December 2009) AND A PROGRAMME ON Portugese and Indian voices on the theme of "Abandon in Love" on the invitation of portugese Embassy on 30th september,2010.
Through these enriching literary meets that transcend frontiers of language and frontiers, young students and poets in general find a  platform  to express poetic-confluence of thoughts and connoisseurs of poetry get a beautiful exposure to the verse of our land as well as of other lands and cultures.

As World Poetry Ambassador to India  and Founder PAC, Dr Rita Malhotra co- chaired a Multi-cultural, Multi-lingual  programme on poetry in collaborations with Expressions KNC  under the aegis of World-Poetry, Canada. POETRY from Japan,Portugal,Romania,Russia,Serbia, France, USA and India were rendered under common themes interspersed with music.The aimof PAC is to spread the message of peace and harmony across frontiers.